Storage and File Servers


BlueStor storage and file servers are technologies represented by an ever-expanding product family that addresses today’s accelerating needs for scalable, high performance, and ultra-reliable data storage. Designed and manufactured by JMR Electronics, BlueStor is ideal for large-scale storage needs, like video editing and video production workflow as well as network attached storage (NAS), cloud services and general data storage.

BlueStor’s expansive product line is the result of R&D that began in 2001 and has resulted in JMR being awarded new patents along the way. JMR Electronics was actually the first company to achieve a U.S. patent on PCI-attached storage and remains an industry pioneer of many PCIe-attached technology products. Our BlueStor products include rack mount storage servers and JBOD and RAID storage shelves, all of which use high-grade components to provide flexible, ultra high performance media storage at a competitive cost.

BlueStor PeSAN™ (PCIe Storage Attached Networks) DAS and NAS systems offer the highest bandwidth and fastest data transfers in the industry at cost points well below one dollar per Gigabyte. Using only 16 disk drives in dual RAID 5 sets (one 3U storage shelf), BlueStor achieves peak video editing transfer rates of greater than 1.7GB/s, with the limitation being the number and capability of the disk drives themselves.

2.4GB/s or greater transfer rates are achieved when using two storage shelves and 32 disk drives, and going to three shelves (48 disks) results in transfer rates in excess of 3.5GB/s. These unmatched performance metrics for less than $0.50/GB system cost in a small-scale disk array significantly raises the performance bar while setting a new milestone for cost-affordable, video storage for video editing & production in the SMB and SME markets.

BlueStor file servers are also considered one of the most efficient video editing data technologies for use with Final Cut Pro X Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Colorfront OSD, Assimilate Scratch, Joust, and all popular editing and finishing software. The BlueStor 16-bay rack mount products are “Avid Certified” and are the approved platform for JOUST media asset management from the Creative Cartel.


The high performance-to-cost ratio, as well as the compact form factor of BlueStor file server systems, makes it the ideal choice for a variety of cost-conscious, performance oriented applications in the general IT and video related markets. BlueStor is perfect for online/near line storage, data backup and recovery, production (HD direct to disk) and video editing/post-production; NVOD and VOD content distribution; surveillance/security; high speed D2D; medical imaging; geo-spatial imaging, and pre-press (automated printing).

The EXTN-8 PCIe Extender RAIDs directly attaches to the host server’s PCIe bus using a simple host adapter we provide. The host adapter can have either one or two x8 PCIe external connections while occupying a single motherboard slot. Using a simple off-the-shelf cable, the x8 PCIe bus electrically attaches to the EXTN-8 storage shelf with its self-contained hardware RAID controller to provide best-in-class performance without burdening server processor resources – at lower cost than competing Fibre Channel or Infiniband attached systems.

All BlueStor 3U rack mount products provide up to sixteen (16) hot-swappable any compatible SAS or SATA disk drives, rotational or SSD, 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s, with JMR auto-negotiation and disks installed vertically, not horizontally, for minimum vibration, best signal path optimization and minimum airflow restriction.