SATA 29P Male to Male Converter Cable


Used in combination with the SATA-to-eSATA cable (CBDR-0509-000B) to support the use of eSATA drives with ICS-JMR Products. Designed to use the standard SAS 29-pin connector as its native interface. The supported product list includes: the Image MASSter TM Solo-4, Rapid Image, Image MASSterTM 4000PRO, and Image MASSterTM WipePRO product lines.
The cable is part of a “cable solution” to connect eSATA drives to ICS-JMR line of products. ICS-JMR Products have 29P female ports that combine data and power of SAS/SATA. eSATA drives use 7 pin data connectors. A combination of the 29P extender cable and eSATA cable provides the solution. See “Cables” section for the eSATA Cable Kit Option.

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