Rapid Image 7020 X2 IT SAS/SATA/IDE*/CF*/uSATA* 2.5″ Hard Drive Duplicator


The Rapid Image™ Hard Drive Duplicators are industrial hard disk duplicators designed to copy 1 “Master” hard drive to up to 19 “target” hard drives at fast SATA-III speeds and can be configured to copy and wipe up to 10 master drives at once. This product performs several operations simultaneously including, copying and sanitizing drives at the same time with minimal speed degradation.


  • Includes i7 CPU and support all high performance drives using 6Gb/s SAS controller technology
  • Supports advanced simultaneous duplication technology to copy and wipe drives from 7GB-18GB/min Up to 16 native target SATA/SAS Drive ports
  • 4 dedicated SATA/SAS master drive ports
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet port
  • Internal PCIe expansion bus
  • 8″ touch screen LCD and operational wizard allow for easier usage
  • Provides lock setting for secure operation
  • Full downloadable data sheet
  • Offers native support for SAS, SATA and USB 2.0 as well as 3.0 drives
  • Optional adapters are available to support IDE Drives*, Micro SATA*, e-SATA Drives*, 2.5″, 1.8″ IDE Notebook Drives*, ZIF drives*, and Flash media*. Internal PCIe expands the capability for additional drive interfaces such as SCSI and FireWire. *Available for purchase/optional adapters required
  • Detects 20 drives in less than one minute
  • Flexible “Source” drive port capability
  • Available with either 2.5″ or 3.5″ cable-free drive supporting insertion of eight (8) 2.5″/1.8″ or 3.5″ form factor SATA/SAS drives
  • IQ Copy for allocated data of source drives configured with Windows based o/s and file systems
  • IQCopy supports partition scaling allowing duplication of smaller and larger capacity drives
  • Linux IQCopy option adds IQCopy support for the Linux Extended 2 (EXT2) and Extended 3 (EXT3) file systems
  • Copies all source drive data, creating a “mirror” image of the Source drive. O/S and file system independent
  • MultiMASSter stores one or multiple source drive images on a single ‘target” drive using the segmented file format
  • Stores one or multiple source drive images on a single “target” drive using the VHD file format
  • Sanitizes drives up to DoD standard, secure erase, or user defined methods while copying and wiping hidden HPA or DCO areas
  • Multi-session supports the high-speed duplication of up to 4 source drives simultaneously with the ability to copy and sanitize drives at the same time.
  • Images can be stored externally to a shared network folder, e-SATA drive or USB drive to upload and download images to network storage.
  • Cable-Free Drive Caddy allows for quick and easy drive insertion, minimizing maintenance costs and wear and tear issues. Available in 2.5″ or 3.5”, supporting cable-free insertion of eight (8) 2.5″/1.8″ or 3.5″ Form Factor SATA/SAS drives
  • Optional IDE Drive Caddies are available for 2.5″/1.8″ and 3.5″ IDE drives
  • Optional bar code readers available for production flow integration
  • Updates software through the USB port with free software updates provided periodically
  • Remote monitoring and control network application remotely controls and monitors each duplicator that connected to the network
  • Logs and auditing store and print detail operational event log and audit trail information. Audit trail saves in a PDF format using 128-bit password encryption protection
  • Cable less insertion mechanism incorporates a small, low cost, easy to replace connector board (SAS/SATA board and IDE board) for every slot
  • Copies and wipe hidden HPA or DCO areas which may exist on hard drives equipped with an internal PCIe bus for upgradeability and additional device support. Supported PCIe controller cards include: PCIe SCSI 320Mbit/sec controller, PCIe FireWire controller with two (2) 1394B ports and one (1) 1394A port, PCIe Express Card Reader Controller which can be used to connect a broad range of Express Card compliant cards such as Express Card memory devices (not USB based), PCIe WiFi controller, PCIe 10 gigabit Ethernet card, and more

Functions not compatible with the DiskCypher product line:

  • Optional Linux IQCopy supports Linux Extended 2 (EXT2), Extended 3 (EXT3) and Extended 4 (EXT4) file systems
  • Optional add-on SHA-1 and SHA-2 Hardware Accelerated Hashing and Software based MD-5 Hashing
  • Utilizes the built- in AES 256 Encryption Technology the Rapid Image™ IT and encrypts all digital data during the cloning process with minimal speed degradation for safe guarding sensitive information. The Rapid Image™ X2 IT creates a secure key with a user-chosen pass phrase. An AES 256 encryption key is then generated by the unit and can be saved to any USB thumb drive. The encrypted drive can be decrypted on the fly utilizing the Rapid Image™ X2 IT or any regular PC loaded with the ICS-JMR free decryption utility and the USB thumb drive containing the saved key. User can then safely image the decrypted data to an additional target drive
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Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 28 × 25 in