PCIe Extender RAID




The BlueStor™ PCIe Extender storage system is a one-of-a-kind product allowing PCI express bus expansion from a host server.
The Extender provides 5 PCIe expansion slots in an external 3U rackmount also containing 16 hot-swap SAS/SATA disk drive bays and a SAS Expander. Plugging a PCIe SAS RAID controller into one of the Extender slots builds a RAID storage system. Other slots may be used as needed for other peripherals.
Each BlueStor™ PCIe Extender RAID has a PCIe 2.0 x8 port for the host connection, plus five internal PCIe 2.0 expansion slots, all x16 physically and x8 electrically, to support installation of five PCIe peripheral cards, up to full-height and full-length. The PCIe expansion slots are “double spaced” to accommodate installation of “double wide” cards, which include many current powerful GPUs. The product is provided with a JMR PCIe 2.0 host adapter card for installation in the host work station or server, and an external PCIe 2.0 cable (standard length 2m).
The BlueStor™ has been updated to 6Gb SAS and has dual active SAS Expanders internally. It is normally provisioned with dual 6Gb SAS RAID controllers installed in two of the internal PCIe slots, to provide accelerated performance; options are available. Power cabling is provided internally to support peripherals requiring additional power connections.
As with all other BlueStor™ 3U rackmount products, the PCIe Extender utilizes hot-swappable, lightweight, low-cost, vibration-dampening resin disk drive canisters with integrated light pipes, latching handles and EMI shields. These are interchangeable amongst all BlueStor™ 3U rackmounts. The PCIe Extender also features N+1 hot-swappable cooling elements with centrifugal blowers mounted in noise and vibration-dampening resin modules and N+1 hot-swappable power supplies which are all interchangeable with the BlueStor™ SAS Expander and PeSAN™ RAID rackmounts for simplified, low-cost spares programs.
All BlueStor™ rackmounts are SES 2.0 compliant and have been compatibility confirmed with every SAS and SATA-2 (3.5” form factor) disk drive on the market. Each unit has a Physical User Interface including real-time disk activity/failure status indicators, power and cooling status with audible and visible alarms, and front panel “on-off” and “alarm reset” switches, as well as rear-panel PCIe “link status” indicators.

  • 3U 16-Bay Rackmount Enclosure
  • Sixteen 3.5” Disk Canisters
  • Hot Swappable HDDs
  • Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies
  • 6Gb SAS (SATA compatible) interface to the drives
  • Up to 96TB Capacity per unit with SATA-III or SAS drives
  • Also accommodates SFF SSDs for up to 3 GB/s data transfer speeds
  • Five x16 (physically, x8 electrically) full length, double spaced Gen 2.0 slots to accommodate double-width PCIe peripherals such as GUIs and 4K capture cards
  • Dual 6Gb SAS RAID controllers installed, standard
  • One PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 x16 host connection
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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 33 × 17 in