The new JMR ProBracket MPRO-SNGL-RM is to easily rack mount your new MacPRO(R) in a secure manner to withstand vibration caused by transportable rack systems, DIT carts, seismic shock.
Using a removable, sliding “cradle” for the PRO, in conjunction with a strongly affixed docking bracket that installs into the rack cabinet using both front and rear cabinet rail supports (adjustable in depth from 18″ to 32″), the MPRO-SNGL-RM is the ideal solution for those needing a rugged rack mounting system for the new Mac.
The sliding “cradle” is removable and may be used in alternate locations having other MPRO docking brackets installed. It protects the PRO’s finish with rubber coated contact surfaces while locking the computer into place with two precision fitted, powder coated galvanized steel straps. Complete with all required hardware and installation instructions.

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Weight 7 lbs