IQCopy (Intelligent Copy) Option for Forensic Units


The Intelligent Copy (IQCopy) Option provides an “intelligent” method of copying data and scaling partitions. Only used clusters are copied, while unallocated clusters are ignored. By ignoring unallocated clusters, the time it takes to copy a drive can be greatly reduced. IQCOPY will partition and format Destination drives automatically according to the File System type used by the Source drive. In cases were it is not necessary to use a Forensic Capture mode to capture the entire contents of a Source drive, IQCopy can be used to quickly capture allocated data. In addition, IQCopy can be used to deploy bootable drives in an IT environment. IQCOPY recognizes the following file systems:FAT-16 (2047MB Maximum partition size)FAT-32NTFS exFAT

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