Image MASSter Solo-4 and Solo-102 G3 Forensic LinkMASSter Option (Intel based CPU only)


The Image MASSter Solo-4, Solo101 and Solo-102 LinkMASSter Option (F.GR-0041-000A), combined with the unit’sbuilt-in Gigabit Ethernet interface, provides a fast and effective solution forseizing data, using the Ethernet interface, from an un-opened PC or Notebook toan external hard drive connected to the Image MASSterTM Solo-4, Solo101 or Solo 102 unit.
The LinkMASSter Forensic Optionalso has the ability to capture data from un-opened PCs or Notebooks to adestination drive connected to the IMSolo-4, IMSolo 101 or IMSolo-102 Evidencedrive position, using the Firewire-A* interface. For Notebooks or PCswhich do not have USB ports, the Optional PCMICA-to-USB 2.0 Clone Card 16/32bit** can be used capture data.
* Requires the Firewire-A Port Option which is not included** Requires a PCMCIA-to-USB Forensic Capture Card 16/32 bit Which is not included

The LinkMASSter Option includes a Crossover CAT6 Ethernet cable (CBLR-0689-000A) and a bootable LinKMASSter Network Driver CD, which is used to connect to and transfer data from the PC to the Image MASSter Solo-4, Solo-101 or Solo-102, using the Ethernet port interface. The Option will also include a Gigabit USB-to-Ethernet Network Adapter (CSAR-0265-000A) to allow connecting to a Notebook or PC which does not have an Ethernet port.The kit includes:(1) CBLR-0689-000A: 14″ Cross Link 1Gigabit cable CAT 6(1) CSAR-0265-000A: Gigabit to USB 2.0 Adaptor (for un-opened PC/Laptop without Network Ports)(1) Bootable CD to be used on the un-opened PC/Laptop(1) USB CableThis kit is for Intel based CPU only. For MAC add the LinkMASSter MAC CD to your kit.

Image MASSterTM Solo-4 Internet/Network Connection Disclaimer
Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS-JMR) assumes no liability for the security of the customer’s computer/network systems. ICS-JMR assumes no liability for the security of the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 when it is connected to either the Internet or another Network. Utilizing the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 for to upload data to a network requires the unit to be connected to the network and this may cause a risk of the system being compromised. The user is responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of both the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 and the network in use when the unit is utilized to upload data to a network.The security of the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 when connected to the Internet or a network relies on the user’s discretion; however, ICS-JMR recommends, at a minimum, to the user to take the following steps:The Image MASSterTM Solo-4 is set to have Internet Connection and Automatic Windows Updates disabled as default. Users will need to enable Internet Connection when uploading data to a network. It is highly recommended that the user install anti-virus and firewall Hardware Device protection prior to connecting the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 to either the Internet or a network. A lesser protection can be achieved with personal firewall software. Continuously running an updated version of anti-virus software with the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 may help prevent an intrusion into the unit or network. ICS-JMR recommends updating the anti-virus software program every time the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 is connected to the Internet or a network.Users should always utilize a clean (scanned for viruses) USB Thumb Drive when updating the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 unit Software or Firmware.Users should ONLY connect the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 to a network when uploading data. It is imperative for users to REMOVE the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 connection when not actively performing these tasks.These recommendations are provided to the user as a reference; however ICS-JMR cannot assure that the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 will not become compromised when connected to the Internet or a network. User assumes all responsibility for the data and security of the Network.

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