IM Solo-4 G3 PLUS IT Enterprise Hard Drive Data Acquisition Expansion Ready


The Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 PLUS IT Hard Drive Data Duplication unit offers expansions ready hardware. This unit offers IT professionals the ability to copy drives at SATA-3 speeds from two source drives simultaneously. This unit features native support for SAS, SATA, eSATA, USB 3.0 and Firewire drives alongside IDE and multiple forms of flash media. This device is design with IT applications in mind!

Here are a few features available with the IM Solo-4 G3 PLUS IT Enterprise Hard Drive Data Acquisition Expansion Ready:

  • Light weight, portable form factor
  • IQ Copy and VHD Capture
  • Advanced Touch Screen UI
  • Built in Gigabit Ethernet Connection
  • Extreme Speed
  • One Write Protected “Source” Port
  • Multiple “Target” Ports
  • Multiple Operational Modes
  • Windows Operating System
  • Drive Wiping
  • “On the Fly” Drive Image Encryption
  • Upload and Download Images to Network Storage Area
  • Preview Data
  • USB Card Reader Support
  • Write-Protection
  • Hashing and Data Verification

Encryption Disclaimer: Utilizing the built-in AES 256 Encryption Technology the Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 PLUS Enterprise encrypts with minimal speed degradation all digital data during the Acquisition Process for the purpose of safe guarding sensitive information. The Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 PLUS Enterprise creates a secure key with a user-chosen pass phrase. An AES 256 encryption key is then generated by the Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 PLUS Enterprise and can be saved to any USB thumb drive. The encrypted drive can be decrypted on the fly utilizing the Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 PLUS Enterprise or any regular PC loaded with the ICS-JMR free decryption utility and the USB thumb drive containing the saved key. User can then safely image the decrypted data to an additional target drive. The IMSolo-4 SATA-3 G3 PLUS Enterprise supports the AES 256-bit block cipher Encryption Standard, which has been approved by NIST and chosen in the US as the government standard. The IMSolo-4 G3 PLUS Enterprise AES Encryption Algorithm is hardware based and is embedded and implemented directly through the unit’s VIA Nano Processor. VIA Technologies, VIA Nano Processor has been validated as correctly implementing the AES algorithm as indicated in the attached NIST report titled,”The Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation List.” See Validation # 1229. * This process is NOT compatible with the DiskCypher product line

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 8 in