Fiber Channel 4Gb/s single FC hard drive support kit


Fiber Channel 4Gb/s single Fiber Channel hard drive support kitThe Fiber Channel singe hard drive support kit is a collection of parts that helps user to connect a single FC hard drive to Solo-4 unit via PCIE Expansion Box/new model IM4000PRO unit /new model Rapid Image unit in order to copy from or to, or seize data from a Fiber Channel singe hard drive up to 4Gb/s.

The kit consists of:
-One Dual port PCIE x4 controller to be used plugged into PCIE Expansion Box or into IM4000PRO X2 or Rapid Image X2 units.  -One Optical Cable.-One Fiber Channel Transceiver, that plugged into the Fiber Channel drive Adapter.One Fiber Channel Drive Adapter, which plugged direct to the Fiber Channel drive.-User can purchase additional Fiber Channel parts (such as: one of each the Transceiver, Optical cable and Drive Adapter) if they need to support a second Fiber Channel hard drive
-CSAR-0396-000A FC Controller-CSAR-0397-000A FC Optical Cable-CSAR-0398-000A FC Transceiver-CSAR-0399-000A FC Drive Adapter

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