DiskCypher AES SATA Hard Drive Encryption Device – Field Kit


DiskCypherTM is a powerful hard drive encryption device that utilizes a simple but effective key management system to provide the most secure, cost effective and easy way to protect digital evidence data “on the fly.”
Easy way to protect digital evidence: DiskCypherTM provides an easy way to protect digital evidence by encrypting the evidence hard drive during the acquisition process.

Safeguards critical data during transportation: Safeguards the results of investigations that must be transported to other required parties (i.e. Attorneys as well as other forensic investigators).

AES 256 bit Algorithm: DiskCypherTM utilizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AES 256 bit approved encryption at SATA speeds.
SATA connection: Connects through a SATA connector to Host/PC and with a second SATA connector to an “evidence” hard drive.

No external power supply needed: The unit utilizes power from the SATA connector, it does not require an external power supply.

Corporate Key/Default Key: If required, DiskCypherTM can provide an optional recovery key scheme that allows the use of a Corporate Key or Default Key, as a disaster recovery option to retrieve the encrypted data in case of human error (i.e. loss of key or use of wrong key).

Encryption Verify Feature: When used with the Image MASSterTM  Solo-4, the user has the capability to utilize the Encryption Verify Feature. This feature allows the user to verify that the digital data was encrypted with the right key at the time of data acquisition and encryption minimizing human error.

Can be used with any regular PC or other data collection devices: Depending on the security requirements, DiskCypherTM can also work with regular PCs or other data collection devices to encrypt either Linux DD images or complete 100% images of hard drives.

External Key/Key Dongle: User has the option to connect an “External Key/Key Dongle” device directly to the DiskCypherTM to conveniently encrypt/decrypt the digital evidence hard drive.

Highly transportable: The DiskCypherTM is a compact size device.

Affordable: Economical and cost effective.

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2 DiskCypherTM units2 Key Dongles 1 KeyLoader1 SATA Data and Power CableCF (Encryption Utility)1 Hard Case

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