Offers a Forensically Secure Environment for Data Acquisition.
PCIe M.2 Support.  Recorded Speeds as high as 69GB/min (from PCIe M.2 to PCIe M.2).
Multi-Op and Multi-Session Support.
Capable of Transfer Rates up to 32GB/min (SAS/SATA).
Supported interfaces SAS/SATA/M.2/USB3.0/SCSI/eSATA/1394B/A/FC
Preview Suspect’s Data.
Supported form factors 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″, Micro SATA, Mini-SATA, SATA M.2, PCIe M.2.
Evidence drive formats can be 100%/DD/Encase.
Erase data (DOD, user select, Secure erase.)
Capture from multiple storage devices to multiple storage devices.
Slide-Out System Drive.
Hash MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2.
On-the-Fly Encryption.
Supports Linux, Mac, Windows OS (FAT, EXFAT,NTFS).
Window base unit.
Built-In 1GBit LAN.
Acquire data from unopened computers using the Ethernet interface.
Supports use of Large Capacity Drive Arrays for external data storage.
Generates Result Logs and Audit files.
Great platform for cell acquisition.
Slim, Light weight and portable unit.
Easy to use.
Touch screen.

Option to add PCIE Expansion with fast SCSI, FireWire 1394A/B and Express card readers.