JMR SiloStor™

The newly developed JMR SiloStor NVMe SSD drives are ideal for compute intensive workflows including HPC, data centers, genome research, content creation, CGI/Animation, codec processing and gaming, to name a few. The SiloStor family comes in three configurations.

  • Single drive module NVMe/PCIe: x4 PCIe connectivity, available in 500GB and 1TB capacities. Half-height, half-length card
  • Dual drive module NVMe/PCIe: x8 connectivity, available in 2TB capacitiy. Half-height, half-length card
  • Quad drive module NVMe/PCIe: x16 connectivity, available in 4TB capacity. Half-height, full-length card

The Dual drive and Quad drive cards incorporate a PCIe switch and the drives can be striped (on a single card) for additional performance.
All SiloStor designs incorporate active heatsink coolers on the drive modules themselves, maintaining low operating temperature even during
intensive sequential write operations.