Introducing the new JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive

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The future of personal storage


If you have ever used a portable hard disk drive before, there is a relatively good (and unfortunate) chance that you have experienced disk drive failure at least once.  Although such hard drives have been flaunted for over a decade as being portable, the fact of the matter is hard disk drives are extremely fragile synthetic creatures. With normal wear and tear alone they can break, but when riding in a bumpy vehicle, such hard drives can also easily break due to shock or being shaken.  The fact that we have entrusted so much of our data and lives to these slow and fragile spinning disks of plastic, aluminum, and glass is unfortunate.  Thankfully, this practice is quickly becoming a thing of the past.


JMR Electronics is happy to announce its newest Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive.  Representing the next generation of portable solid state drives, this ultra-compact, lightning-fast product serves as a game changer for both your personal storage as well the future of portable storage devices.


The Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive: anything but fragile

Unlike traditional disk drives that are extremely fragile when transporting, our Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ solid state drive Flash Drive is rugged in construction and can stand up to normal abuse.  Due to having no movable pieces, the Lightning is not prone to failure as a result of being shaken. As such, you can now confidently move about and travel in the world knowing that your data will be kept safe and not suffer what seem like arbitrary malfunctions or drive errors.  That being said, you still will not want to purposely drop the unit from ten feet up onto a hard surface, but the Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive can without question face up to ordinary transport or normal wear and tear without great risk of drive failure. A more reliable storage device means you can relax and instead focus on the task at hand, knowing your data is kept safe.


Unlike your current  hard disk drive,  the JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive is lightning fast 

Although disk-based drives used to sufficient in speed for everyday use, with the emergence of new data networks and exponentially-increasing file sizes, hard disk drives simply can’t keep up with current demands.  Even an enterprise-level hard drive which operates at 7200 RPM is capable of reading and writing at only 150 MB/S.  The JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive blasts traditional hard drives out of the water, with read and write speeds of 1.2 GB/S, almost ten times faster!  At this speed, even the highest resolution footage or intensive packages of data can be safely transferred in as little as seconds or minutes.  With the JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive, waiting for large file transfers is a thing of the past!


If it wasn’t enough that the ultra-compact  JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive is less fragile and exponentially faster than traditional hard disk drives….


 …the Lightning LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive enjoys a longer lifespan than your traditional disk drive too!

Unlike traditional disk drives which often fail due to heat, the  LTNG-XTD portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive is covered in an anodized aluminum heatsink allowing the unit to stay cool and last longer.. This heatsink absorbs heat and keeps your ultra-compact solid state drive cool while remaining completely silent in operation.  This heatsink will lead to a vast increase in lifespan over hotter, hard disk drives and allow you to get more use out of your storage device.


Proudly Intel-approved and Thunderbolt certified

We are proud that our JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD Portable Thunderbolt™ SSD Flash Drive both Intel approved and Thunderbolt certified.  This device is slated to become one of the most commonly used storage devices of the 21st century.  With practical common applications in the, military, education, creative fields and more, it is an indispensible storage device tool.  If you have ever wanted a professional-grade storage device that was lightning fast, extremely light-weight, durable, and long lasting without any downside, now is your chance. Leave unreliable, bulky, and slow storage devices behind, forever!