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SiloStor™ is a PCIe X8 based card with accompanying software that provides high capacity reliable local storage at bus speeds for users with compute intensive workflows including gamers, video editors, CGI animators, genome researchers, content creators, or anyone else who wants speeds that regular SSDs or SATA disks do not provide. The SiloStor™ is also frequently utilized by HPC and data centers.

Regular SSDs, such as the Samsung SSD 860 Pro, have sequential write speeds of 530 MB/s and sequential read speeds of 560 MB/s. SiloStor has average sequential write speeds of 5152 MB/s and average sequential read speeds of 4831 MB/s.

SiloStor™ is a combination hardware and software solution inclusive of a professional world class graphical user interface (GUI) application. Just plug in the card into an available X8 or X16 slot in your computer, boot up your operating system, install the GUI, and the drives appear as regular drives.

The Dual drive and Quad drive cards incorporate a PCIe switch. The drives can be striped (on a single card) for additional performance.

The SiloStor™ family comes in three configurations.

  • Single drive module NVMe/PCIe: x4 PCIe connectivity, available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities. Half-height, half-length card
  • Dual drive module NVMe/PCIe: x8 connectivity, available in 2TB or 4TB capacities. Half-height, half-length card
  • Quad drive module NVMe/PCIe: x16 connectivity, available in 4TB or 8TB capacities. Half-height, full-length card

All SiloStor™ designs incorporate active heatsink coolers on the drive modules themselves, maintaining low operating temperature even during intensive sequential write operations.

M.2 NVMe SSD based solution providing high performance local storage with disk IO at bus speed for all your intensive applications.

SiloStor™ Features Include:

  • High read and write speed performance
  • Capacities at 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB
  • Uses M.2 NVMe / PCIe SSDs
  • PCIe switch on dual and quad models for optimal performance
  • 2U form factor
  • Active heatsink coolers
  • Advanced graphical user interface application for optimal monitoring and administration

The SiloStor™ Manager Graphical User Interface runs on Windows and provides complete disk information on the SiloStor™ drives and other cards in the computer, which is not possible via Windows Disks Manager or other programs.

Our focus during development was to create a graphical utility that is not only useful but a Must-Have by anyone who uses the SiloStor™ card. We went through many utilities – both graphical and command line based – analyzed them, and put what we learned into the creation of our product. We worked hard with core users to create a product that was practical and useful. Install your copy of the JMR SiloStor™ Manager utility today.

With input and testing from industry heavyweights, the software GUI keeps you informed of the status of all your drives and system inclusive of the SiloStor™.

The SiloStor™ has unparalleled high speed read / write IO NVMe/PCIe based SSD storage solution for your computer or server shipping in single, dual, or quad models. Perfect for all your disk intensive needs.

This GUI is the tool you didn’t know you needed. Know about potential failures before they happen on not just the drives in your SiloStor™ card but on all the drives in your system. Many other utilities, even the Windows Disk Management applet and the GWMI interface via Power Shell, contain inaccurate or incomplete information. Other vendor tools, do not capture the essence of the SiloStor™ card.

Here are just some of the SiloStor™ GUI features:

  • Unique Drive Icon functionality, where you can see various attributes easily
  • Simple to use and understand interface
  • Drives on the SiloStor™ card are presented visually as they are on the card
  • Simple and complete user interface
  • Computer system information
  • View drives on a By Computer basis or by drive/card
  • View raw log and PCIe XML data
  • Award winning technical support
  • Complete information for all drives
  • Easily see which drive is which NVMe PCIe SSD is which on the card
  • View multiple SiloStor™ cards
  • Accurate and complete SMART data for all drives, where SMART data exists
  • Complete WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) data on all drives on the card and system
  • Ability to set and see total terabytes written as a progress bar
  • Customization capabilities
  • Get technical support straight from the graphical user interface and send all relevant data to support

This view provides key data on a by-computer basis for all your storage devices.

This view provides key data on a by card/device basis for all your storage devices.


  • PCIe 3.0 x4 (single) x8 (dual and quad), compatible with operating systems supporting the PCIe 3.0 peripheral standard
  • Monitoring: S.M.A.R.T.
  • Trim support? Yes
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 40C ambient
  • Power consumption: 10W maximum, bus powered
  • Mounting bracket: Provided with HH bracket attached, FH bracket as spare
  • Other specification items, please see individual product specifications


JMR offers technical support for all products, 8/5 via telephone and e-mail at no extra cost to customers who have purchased our products. Special arrangements may be made for 24/7/365 service including on-site service under separate agreement. To create a service ticket, please complete the form here: https://www.jmr.com/submit-ticket/ or feel free to call (818) 993-4801 at any time; calls will be returned during normal business hours, M-F. You may also contact us via e-mail to:support@jmr.com.


3-year Limited Warranty (parts/labor/updates included)

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Introducing SiloStor, an M.2 NVMe/PCIe SSD based solution providing high performance local storage

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Introducing SiloStor, an M.2 NVMe/PCIe SSD based solution providing high performance local storage