Why You Need the Probracket for your Mac Pro

You bought the Mac Pro. It’s one of the best pieces of computer technology you ever laid hands on. Because of this, you want to safeguard it from the potential hazards of a bustling, maybe hectic at times, workplace. Right now a coworker (or possibly even you) — who doesn’t lack in the clumsiness department — is one wrong maneuver away from bringing your Mac to an early end. It’s fine china in a bullpen. With the patent-pending ProBracket, JMR will help you get your Mac Pro protected and out of the away from the bullpen while keeping it readily accessible for all of your workflow demands. It’s the perfect way to customize your Mac Pro to your unique work environment.

Probracket’s versatility and capability:

There are multiple options for the Probracket to directly meet your specific needs. This includes single desk mounts for a single Mac Pro, sliding racks to mount a single Mac Pro (that can be used on almost any viable surface), and rack mounts for two Mac Pros. A cooling system accessory is also available for the single sliding rack mount to enhance airflow.
All of these options have easy cable management, have secure, integrated straps, and are sturdy ways to mount your Mac Pro(s). But they have various strengths and capabilities, so make sure you get the one that’s right for you: they cater to DIT carts vibrations, have hidden or readily available input/output ports, can deter scratches, can abate airflow restrictions, are interchangeable and can be moved across alternate locations where other docking brackets are installed, and can withstand seismic shock. You no longer have to scramble looking for a solution to protect your Mac Pro. Probracket gives you the assurance you need in knowing you can get the most out of your Mac Pro units.