JMR Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO disk duplicator

JMR/ICS Releases Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO with Native SATA Support Ahead of Schedule

JMR/ICS Releases Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO with Native SATA Support Ahead of Schedule

JMR Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO disk duplicatorLatest innovation in disk duplication technology offers write speeds of up to 94.5 GB/min

Technology Highlights:

  • Native support for any size or capacity NVMe M.2/PCIe, 2.5” SATA or USB 2.0/3.0 drives
  • Duplicate/clone up to four drives simultaneously, with cable-free NVMe M.2 and/or SATA drive installation: No cables, adapters or accessories needed
  • High performance, high-speed processing provided by Intel NextGen multicore processor
  • Cloning or wiping rates of up to 94.5 GB/min using high-performance NVMe drives; also accommodates and images or wipes M.2 AHCI drives

Chatsworth, Calif., August 2020—Originally slated a late Q3 introduction, the new Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO disk duplicator from JMR Electronics, Inc. (JMR/ICS) is currently available, with units shipping from stock to four weeks.

Adding to the momentum of the recently announced Media MASSter NVMe M.2, which supports NVMe M.2 drive technology natively, the PRO model adds cable-free, integrated support for existing rotational and SSD SATA drives, as well.

Both units come in versions tailored to high-volume enterprise IT or risk-averse Forensics applications and deliver up to 94.5 GB/min in drive-to-drive transfers as well as up to 61 GB/min, when utilizing all four of the integrated PCIe lanes simultaneously.

Doug Patterson, VP of marketing and business development for JMR/ICS, noted, “Providing our customers with the tools they need to quickly work through large sets of data and drives is the heart and soul of JMR/ICS. Over the past three years, we’ve significantly advanced our M.2 product technologies, eliminating adapters and connectors, increasing duplication speeds, while keeping costs low. Our new NVMe M.2 PRO with SATA support is the next milestone, one we are all proud to share in.”

From a mechanical standpoint, external cable-based adapters and carriers are typically prone to wire stresses and breakage as well as can introduce noise and be a source of an unreliable connector mating.  Providing native access to the latest in storage drive technology, as well as high-speed duplication, enables users to work more efficiently, more confidently and more cost-effectively to clone, wipe or duplicate large volumes of sensitive data.

The new Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO unit is based on the original Media MASSter 102 PRO concept of a self-contained, portable, lightweight, time-efficient and user-friendly duplicator.  It incorporates all the new features of the MM NVMe M.2 model, as well, including 100% guaranteed error-free cloning with patented hardware and software, hashing codes and locally stored data logging files that ensure source data remains unchanged.

The new PRO model features the same multiple modes of operation for flexibility in a variety of duplication environments, from full cloning to partitioned duplication as well as Percent of Copy, Intelligent “IQ Copy”, MultiMASSter and VHD Capture. A wipe-out mode sanitizes drives utilizing the DoD Standard, secure erase or user-defined methods. However, no cloned data is stored or contained within the unit when powered off.

Providing standalone operation, the fully self-contained duplicator integrates the power of a PC, complete with an Intel Core i3 processor, and eliminates the need for a separate computer to complete all tasks.  A 7” menu-driven touchscreen with a simple user interface provides the highest security measures for sensitive data cloning and wiping applications. If needed, a mouse, keyboard and monitor can easily be added via included USB and HDMI ports.

The MM NVMe M.2 PRO is plug-and-play, easily allowing the user to add Windows-compatible peripheral hardware without compromising the system software. The entire range of Media MASSter disk drive duplicators and cloners feature a Windows 10 Pro operating system, which allows users to easily add their own software applications to custom-tailor the operating environment to suit their needs.

Multiple, standard USB, video/graphics and audio I/O ports as well as several I/O expansion ports are user-accessible, showcasing the true power, flexibility and capabilities of this disk drive duplication/cloning system.

Each Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO is covered by an exceptional one-year warranty and is housed in a renown Pelican case, which is both strong and compact, making for a rugged, portable and lightweight system.

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