JMR Media MASSTER NVMe M.2 and NVMe M.2 PRO disk duplicators

New Media MASSter Disk Duplicators Offer Error-free Cloning with Write Speeds of Up To 94.5 GB/min

New Media MASSter Disk Duplicators Offer Error-free Cloning with Write Speeds of Up To 94.5 GB/min

JMR Media MASSTER NVMe M.2 and NVMe M.2 PRO disk duplicatorsNative support for four M.2 drives eliminates need for cables; native SATA support in PRO model


Technology Highlights:

  • Cable-free, simultaneous duplication or cloning of up to four M.2 NVMe drives (any size or capacity) as well as up to four SATA drives using optional adapters
  • PRO version: native support for five plug-in (no cables required) SATA drives
  • Cost-effective and portable, with full PC performance and high-speed Intel multicore processing
  • Available in secure Forensic or IT Enterprise versions

Chatsworth, Calif., August 2020—With the addition of the new NVMe M.2 and NVMe M.2 PRO to its portable Media MASSter (MM) line, JMR Electronics, Inc. (JMR/ICS) now offers unprecedented data write speeds with guaranteed error-free cloning and duplication. Natively supporting the latest NVMe M.2 drive technology—as well as SATA in the M.2 PRO version—the new units deliver up to 94.5 GB/min in drive-to-drive transfers and up to 61 GB/min when utilizing all four of the integrated PCIe lanes simultaneously.

Ideal for risk-averse industries that require the utmost in data integrity as well as fast duplication of multiple drives simultaneously, the cost-effective data acquisition systems are used in forensic data analysis throughout government and law enforcement as well as in high volume enterprise and IT applications.

Hashing codes generated pre- and post-processing as well as locally stored data logging files (metadata, with no source/suspect content data stored) ensure source data remains unchanged. This proven, patented hardware and software from JMR/ICS guarantees that data from the Source or Suspect drive exactly matches the Target or Evidence drives and confirm that the actions taken match the desired tasks.

Multiple modes of operation provide flexibility for different duplication environments, from full cloning to partitioned duplication. Percent of Copy creates a “mirror” image of the source drive, while intelligent “IQ Copy” only copies allocated files. MultiMASSter mode supports storing one or multiple Source (Suspect) drive images on a single Target (Evidence) drive using the segmented file format, whereas VHD Capture copies allocated data using the VHD file format to store one or multiple Source (Suspect) drive images on a single Target (Evidence) drive.

There is also a wipe-out mode that sanitizes drives utilizing the DoD Standard, secure erase or user-defined methods. However, no cloned data is stored or contained within the unit when powered off.

Providing standalone operation, the fully self-contained duplicators integrate the power of a PC, complete with an Intel Core i3 processor, and eliminate the need for a separate computer to complete all tasks.  A 7” menu-driven touchscreen with a simple user interface provides the highest security measures for sensitive data cloning and wiping applications. If needed, a mouse, keyboard and monitor can easily be added via included USB and HDMI ports.

The NVMe M.2 and NVMe M.2 PRO support plug-and-play functionality that easily allows the user to add Windows-compatible peripheral hardware without compromising the system software. The entire range of Media MASSter disk drive duplicators and cloners feature a Windows 10 Pro operating system, which allows users to easily add their own software applications to custom-tailor the operating environment to suit their needs.

Multiple, standard USB, video/graphics and audio I/O ports as well as several I/O expansion ports are user-accessible, showcasing the true power, flexibility and capabilities of this disk drive duplication/cloning system.

Each Media MASSter NVMe M.2 system is housed in a renown Pelican case, which is both strong and compact, making for a rugged, reliable and lightweight system. There’s no need to remove anything from the protective transit case while in use, since all connections are accessible, even with the case closed.  No external cables or user interface equipment is needed, making the duplicators extremely portable for use inthefield or easily transported to different locations.

Covered by an unmatched one-year warranty that goes beyond mere hardware matters, the units come with free technical support and software upgrades during the warranty period. Extended warranties are available beyond the first year. All JMR/ICS products are made in the USA and supported by highly trained experts out of the company’s headquarters in California.

The Media MASSter NVMe M.2 is available now, with the Media MASSter NVMe M.2 PRO launching in September.

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