JMR's Datamover is Here!

Multiple outlets are touting our newest application, the JMR Datamover. Designed to manage and transfer data of any  file size or depth of directory nesting  across networks — ranging from local to global – at very near line speed, this enterprise level data transfer system is in a class of its own. Vice President of JMR sales Tom Fabrizio commented, “Datamover’s interface is a simplistic, graphical tool providing robust and logical access to both NAS and SAN data. Datamover’s unique thin provisioning features, smart disk technology and replication from a easy integrated interface [sic].”
<h2> Bulk sized data is the most accessible and readily available as ever! </h2>
The Datamover has three features that differentiate it from any other file transfer systems on the market. 1) During data movement, Datamover implements data transforms (compress, deduplicate, encrypt, and difference), in virtually any combination, independent of latency introduced by the distance between the source and destination services. 2) The number of links (software abstractions of a WAN or LAN connection) that may be established and maintained. Each link describes the source and destination service, the additional data transforms to be employed, may include the file system directories or lists of files to be transferred. 3) Datamover is easily integrated into all platforms that include: Linux, UNIX, AIX, Windows, and Mac OS X. Because it acts as a service, no extra coding is needed.
jmr datamover
“Our DataMover appliance will set a new industry milestone in delivering unparalleled performance and convenience for the broadcast, video and digital cinema centric industries when tens of Gigabytes to Terabyte-sized files are constantly being transferred across the country and around the world,” said Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO of JMR.  “The cost savings in the reduction of transfer time per file for a given bandwidth and the resultant benefit of being able to send more files in the same timeframe is a significant performance achievement.”
At JMR, we are constantly thinking up and designing new methods and devices that provide reliable, scalable storage solutions to help manage robust i/o workflow. Whatever your needs are at your workplace, we can tailor our products and even design customized storage devices for you.