The JMR Lightning Thunderbolt-2 to PCIe Expander

Introducing the JMR Lighting Thunderbolt-certified Thunderbolt-2 to PCI-e expander products

Since our company’s inception over thirty years ago, we at JMR Electronics have always strived to create cutting edge computer hardware and storage devices that were both highly sophisticated and consumer-priced. Following this tradition of enabling all users to have access to cutting edge products, we are pleased to announce that our JMR Lightning, Dual Spot Expander, and Quad Slot Expanders are the newest products on the market to be fully Thunderbolt-certified, Intel-approved, and Apple-approved. Our expanders enable your computer to have easy access to between one and four PCI-e cards, as well as up to eight hard drives in RAID formation. Utilizing the Lightning Expander products, you can instantly transform your laptop or desktop into a portable, powerful workstation capable of rivaling or even edging out heavy, unwieldy, stationary systems.

How our JMR Lightning expanders work

How our Lightning expanders work is simple. To use any of them, all you must do is plug the Lightning expander’s Thunderbolt 2 cables into your computer’s Thunderbolt 2 ports, and plug the Lightning Expander’s power cable into a traditional power source. Depending on which expander you use, you will enjoy a different range of features.

The JMR Lightning LTNG-XS

The JMR Lightning LTNG-XS provides access for one x16 PCIe expansion slot (for use of full-height, half-length cards/GPUs) and dual Gbps Thunderbolt-2 I/O ports (for daisy-chaining other Thunderbolt-compatible products). Note: for full-length PCIe cards or GPUs, please use a Quad Slot model instead.
The JMR Lightning LTNG-XD
The JMR Lightning Dual SLot Expander LTNG-XD

The Dual Slot Expander LTNG-XD provides access for two x16 PCIe expansion slots (for the use of full-height, half-length cards/GPUs) and dual 20GBps Thunderbolt-2 I/O ports for daisy-chaining.
The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ
The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ

The Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ provides four x16 PCIe expansion slots (fitting full-sized cards/GPUs) and quad 20Gbps Thunderbolt-2 I/O/ ports.
The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ
The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ-8-DT

The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ-8-RM
The JMR Lightning Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ-8-RM

The Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ-8-DT and LTNG-XQ-8-RM expand upon the features of the Quad Slot Expander LTNG-XQ by also having an internal dedicated RAID PCIe controller installed, as well as an 8-bay disk RAID array for easy RAID setup of any compatible 2.5” SFF drives (rotating or SSD)—allowing for custom RAID configuration and data storage of up to 32 TB! The XQ-8-RM is a rack-mounted device, and the XQ-8-DT is a desktop device.
Utilizing any of these JMR Lightning Thunderbolt products, you will greatly expand your system’s power and performance, your operating bandwidth by utilizing 20 Gbps from each Thunderbolt port, and increase the versatility of your workstation. Light enough to be transported by hand and yet built tough enough to withstand dust, heat, and constant movement, the JMR Lightning Thunderbolt expanders are made to enable you to take your business, workstation, and workflow to the next level.
Proudly made in the U.S.A.!
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