JMR Electronics Now Has Thunderbolt Certification

Thunderbolt Certification is Here to Stay
JMR Electronics, which strives long to introduce and manufacture scaleable storage products and new-edge computer software, is now enabled with Thunderbolt certification. Thunderbolt is an Intel registered trademark for outer device extension from PCIe carried over their interface. Most notably, Apple Mac devices have Thunderbolt connectivity that can add storage and other features. Gaining Thunderbolt certification is a major advancement in our product and hardware department.
Why Is It Signficant?
Thunderbolt is one of the largest manufacturers in storage products. Their products consist of a revolutionary I/O technology that supports high-resolution displays and supreme performance data devices through a single, condensed port.
Obtaining Thunderbolt certification can be a exhaustive process in order to ensure an ultimate user experience. Peripheral devices are certified to be compatible with particular operating systems. A thunderbolt certified product will not function well or at all if it is being utilized to be compatible with an operating system that’s not certified for the device. Make sure to purchase devices that have the Thunderbolt support for their specific operating system and install the latest device driver before plugging the device in.
The Breakthrough in Our Products
The Thunderbolt certified products from JMR is the latest generation of Thunderbolt-2 technology. Installing these amazing products from us will largely upgrade your system’s power and performance. The newly certified JMR systems and products will be the performance breakthrough that will level up the versatility of your work station immensely.