By integrating JMR’s patented high performance BlueStor™ technologies with best-of-class components and services offered by these partners, our customers benefit from field proven cutting-edge performance combined with the flexibility of our open systems architecture.

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Meet JMR’s Partner

ICS is the pioneer in the disk drive duplication market, having first introduced this technology to the world in 1990. The unique patent-protected system based on ICS’s innovative and ground-breaking technology was the first automatic hard drive formatting and software pre-loading system. It quickly became the industry standard and the tool for most PC manufacturers and system integrators.

In the mid-nineties, when computer felony began to surge and become a serious factor in overall crime, ICS began to collaborate with law enforcement agencies and became the predominant supplier of computer forensic systems for law enforcement personnel ranging from local police departments to Federal and International agencies.

Today these IT and Forensic products are being used by both Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Private Corporations in the US and around the world.

ICS’s Rapid Image™ Hard Drive Duplicators are Industrial Hard Disk Duplicators designed to copy 1 “Master” hard drive to up to 19 “Target” hard drives at Fast SATA-III Speeds. It can also be configured to copy multiple Master drives simultaneously. It supports the duplication of up to 10 Master drives simultaneously. The Unit can perform several operations simultaneously including, copying and sanitizing drives at the same time with minimal speed degradation.

ICS Rapid Image Duplicator