We Manufacture High-Volume Storage Devices Built to Last

At JMR Electronics, we believe that software is only as good as the hardware it runs on. That is why we build advanced data storage and storage servers that are dependable for those who prioritize high-quality master data management. Media professionals, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies regularly depend on our network attached storage devices to store sensitive data and media files. We have expanded our business through ICS to give even more options when it comes to working with storage devices, including encryption, forensics, and duplication!

The Gold Standard of Advanced Storage Devices

As technology has evolved over time, JMR has met every challenge along the way through forward-thinking innovation. JMR technologies are used by many elite institutions, such as the United States Air Force, Navy, NATO, NASA, DHS and DoE. We are constantly developing new technologies and innovations, pushing the shared storage industry to greater heights. Our storage devices are engineered with the client’s needs in mind – if we don’t carry an external hard drive or shared storage device that best serves your infrastructure, we will custom-design a data storage system from the ground-up.

JMR-ICS: American-Made, Just Like Their Products

JMR has been in the industry for as long as the industry has been around. Since 1982, our commitment to designing cutting-edge, advanced storage systems has allowed companies and professionals to thrive. JMR was founded by Josef Rabinovitz, a self-made Israeli immigrant who got his start building add-on storage devices like floppy disk drives and cassette drives for the world’s very first personal computers. After working at IBM and Hobby World USA, he decided to build a tech company of his own. JMR Electronics began as a vertically integrated business which grew to more than 400 employees, manufacturing metallic computer peripheral device enclosures in Northridge, a suburb of Los Angeles, CA. While continuing to grow and evolve, JMR managed to maintain its vertically integrated business model through a devotion to industry-leading attached storage technologies and exceptional customer service. All JMR products are proudly made in the USA.







JMR-ICS: Bringing Everything Together

JMR-ICS is the pioneer in the disk drive duplication market after having introduced this US patent protected technology in 1990. JMR-ICS’s ground breaking technology was the first automatic hard drive formatting and software pre-loading system and would go on to become the industry standard. This unique system is now the tool of choice for most PC manufacturers and system integrators. Our strong engineering division and creative software development staff take pride in bringing high-quality, forward-thinking products to the market.

With international name recognition for over 25 years of excelling customer service, JMR-ICS is the leader in the design and production of creative solutions that help companies in both the manufacturing and business environment. In the mid nineties, when computer felonies were on the rise, JMR-ICS began to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to become the predominant supplier of computer forensic systems for local police, federal and international agencies. Today, government agencies worldwide depend on JMR-ICS’s products and expertise.