We set the standard for high volume storage devices

JMR has earned a global reputation for producing the Gold standard in advanced storage devices. Designed and manufactured in the USA, JMR hardware is insisted upon by media professionals, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike – indeed any organization that prioritizes absolute death security and streamlined data management.

Lightning speed for efficient workflows

With JMR, media professionals know that their data is secure while advanced workflow management and asset sharing frees them up to concentrate on their craft.

Sensitive data,
securely stored

The requirement for absolute security of sensitive patient data makes JMR the storage supplier of choice for leading healthcare providers.

Complex data systems with complete security

JMR works with US aerospace contractors and defence contractors to design and build high-performance information systems that secure and transmit the most highly sensitive data around the world.

A custom data storage solution, just for you

Every business manages its data and workflows differently so JMR offers custom hardware and NAS solutions, along with OEM branded hardware for leading tech companies worldwide.